New Xenotest® Beta+ FD Improves Consumer Goods Testing

Linsengericht (Germany), May 2011 - Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering durability testing equipment and services, is pleased to introduce the Xenotest Beta+ FD, an enhanced version of its weathering testing instrument the Xenotest Beta+.

Atlas’ new Xenotest Beta+ FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to test products realistically under accelerated conditions - typically with time-saving factors of >10 vs. real time.

The Beta+ FD offers two custom racks: a 1-tier bottle rack and a 2-tier soft-packaging rack. Both carry loads up to 20 kg and fit a wide variety of specimen shapes and sizes. Other features include the use of economical non-aging XENOCHROME® filters which consistently deliver the right light, an efficient chiller that guarantees realistic test temperatures even at high acceleration levels, and easy programming and monitoring using new online features.

The Beta+ FD is an ideal instrument for helping you choose the right ingredients and packaging materials for your products, as well as supporting service life claims.

The success of today’s consumer goods such as drinks, foodstuffs, personal care, and household products, is highly dependent upon their packaging. The use of transparent packaging is often preferred by manufacturers as it enables contents to easily be seen by consumers. Oftentimes, the ability to see attractive colors through transparent packaging plays a key role in influencing spontaneous purchasing decisions of certain products or brands. However, wherever there is light, there is a risk for photo-induced reactions that can impact colorants, vitamins, flavors, scents, or product homogeneity.