Atlas Introduces Revolutionary New Enhancement for Temperature Measurement and Recording in a Weather-Ometer®

Chicago, IL, August 2011  - The temperature of a material in a weathering test is one of the primary factors that cause material degradation. Measuring specimen temperature during accelerated tests is difficult and usually requires interruption of the test cycle. To address this inherent limitation, Atlas is introducing its new S3T (Specimen Specific Surface Temperature) Technology to provide accurate surface temperature measurements for materials under a wide range of weathering test conditions. 

The system uses a non-contact thermal infrared Sensor (pyrometer) facing the exposed specimen surface to provide accurate temperature profiling during test exposure. An RFID system is used for automatic sample indexing and identification. The temperature data can be viewed in a table or trend plot format on a new full-color touch screen display. 

This new enhancement has a variety of user-friendly features including: 
• Input of specimen codes to link temperature data to each specimen under test
• Easy viewing of temperatures in real-time while the specimens are on exposure
• Efficient transfer of data to spreadsheet format for further analysis
The S3T system includes NIST-traceable calibration of the infrared pyrometer, and can also be calibrated as required in the field without the need to remove any components. The new system can be used in a wide range of test standards with different temperature, irradiance, and humidity set points. 

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